zen image Qigong, also known as Chi Gung

Qi (chee) means energy (or life-force); gong means work (seen as skillful practice)

Qigong is a path that often starts with a person interested in improving their physical body. They want to have less pain, be more flexible, have better circulation, better posture, etc. As they learn qigong, their physical body starts to open, and they are better able to hold their alignments.

Energy runs through their torso as well as their arms and legs. Their organs, residing in their torso, is then affected. Many kinds of health improvements may develop. They may notice their stamina and mental focus increasing, their indigestion may be alleviated, and sleep may improve.

Then they might experience some inner work is beginning to occur. They may start to notice that their nervous system is not so reactive. This then affects their mood and general sense of inner peace. They may start to become aware of their place in the universe.

The path of qigong is unlimited.

The style being taught in the current series was brought to the West by Bruce K Frantzis, a Chi Gung master of over forty years, including 15 years of study in China, India, and Japan. Taught by Judy Pruzinsky, licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s in Medical Qi Gong. Since 1990 Judy has studied with BK Frantzis (her main teacher), Jerry Johnson, Ken Cohen, Grandmaster Wei Zhong Foo, Mantak Chia, and Gilles Marin.

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