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"It’s been a real lovely experience. I’ve actually been feeling really good and it gives me hope that I can age in a way that will be healthy and fulfilling.

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"I haven’t felt this has been a sacrifice it’s just been fun and an amazing journey.

"The biggest thing is that I’ve been able to sleep through the night and I haven’t done that in my adult life, ever. When I’m up I’m up I don’t need any stimulants."

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"There were times in the morning when I’d check my alkalinity and it would be 6.8. I’ve been measuring it for some time now and it’s usually been 5.7. And on the cleanse if not when I first wake up, then after the shake it will be 6.8."

"I continue to lose weight, I love what I’m eating and I love what I’m doing and so incredibly grateful for having made this change. It’s like a miracle. I’ve gone down from 223 to 206 and counting."

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"I’ve loved (and really needed) the discipline.

"I have been calmer and more energetic!"

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Cleanse Audio Testimonials


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