In both Western and Eastern Medicine, we hear more and more about the benefits of cleansing and detoxifying. Many people don't realize that what and how they eat could be the very cause of their low energy, body pain, sleeplessness, lack of concentration, self-doubt, and irritability (to name just a few). Cleansing allows our body, mind, and spirit to function more clearly, efficiently, and harmoniously.

Cleansing starts with a good understanding of which foods are beneficial and which ones encumber the smooth flow of energy and nutrients. Herbs and nutritional supplements are used to assist in the process of clearing out toxins and of strengthening the body. Lifestyle changes are integral to the success of a sustainable change from the average American diet to one that provides you with clarity and stamina to do all you want.

You may choose to do cleanses one-on-one with me or to participate in a group cleanse. Either way, your particular needs will be supported. I usually offer group cleanses a couple times per year. For some people the on-going support during a group cleanse is essential in keeping them motivated and committed.

Cleanse Testimonials

21-day cleanse – offered periodically
throughout the year

In the past, participants have experienced relief from:

  • – Emotional unrest (anxiety, irritability, frustration, and impatience)
  • – Indigestion (gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea)
  • – Low energy (chronic fatigue and insomnia)
  • – Asthma and sinus congestion
  • – Allergies to foods, pollens, and animals
  • – Pain in the back, neck, hips, knees, hands, and head

For some people, this may be their first cleanse. Experienced cleansers often choose to reset and optimize their health every six months. Some people may use the cleanse purely to physically clean out; some may use it as a time to simplify; and others may use it to get a better handle on their emotional life. Any way you look at it, cleanse time is a powerful time to redirect from unhealthy habitual behaviors toward more positive choices.

One beauty of how this cleanse is structured is that it can be done locally or from a distance. People have successfully participated in my cleanses from coast-to-coast over the years.

You will have plenty to eat in order to sustain your energy and to live an active, balanced life. This is not a fast. There is no requirement for you to go vegetarian or raw (although these are options, if you choose).

In life, we have many choices. The 21-day cleanse will help you understand which choices support, and which sabotage, your well-being. Even though we may live in a world of many imbalances and addictions, each time we reset to a healthy way of eating, our inner compass redirects us, and these new choices become more and more our preferred way to live.

For more information on this cleanse, please see the cleanse flier.