How do I know about the world?

By what is within me.


~Lao Tzu

photo of judy

I have had the good fortune of being certified in, and specializing in, Classical Five Element Acupuncture.  This form of medicine is profound in that it not only helps a person get relief from physical pain (such as back ache, headache, and cramps) and physical illness (such as nausea, hypertension, and bronchitis), but it also lets me address the emotional issues that can deplete a person's very spirit and can lead to depression, anxiety, and worry.

Most of us have ample shelter and food, so more of our diseases come from a stressful life that robs us of peace of mind and the energy to live our lives joyfully and gratefully.

In my practice, I particularly like educating my patients about healthy lifestyle changes at the same time as I work with them using acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs, and modern nutritional supplements. I empower them with simple changes in what they eat and how they move so that they can bring about their own balance and take control of their own health.