Balance and Harmony as
Nature Ordained

The following consists of excerpts from Talking About Acupuncture, a book transcribed from a lecture JR Worsley gave in 1982. It includes minor editing by Judy Worsley and the Worsley Institute editing team to bring quotes from different sections of the book into context for this website.

"This system recognizes that when our internal organs are working in balance and harmony as Nature ordained, it is impossible to be sick in body, mind, or spirit. Every disease throughout the whole of the world is caused as a result of one or more of these organs not functioning correctly. As the organ starts to go out of balance; disease will be the result, either disease of the mind, or disease of the body, or disease of the spirit."

"Basically, all we have to do is to correct the imbalance - bring these organs as near to balance as we possible can; then the disease will disappear."

"How do we influence these organs?"

"Each organ in our body has a meridian or pathway going through it. Along this meridian flows the vital Chi energy, or life force. It is this vital Chi energy that allows the organ to function."

"Along the meridians are certain acupuncture points. We go into the acupuncture points and we can influence that Chi energy to balance it so that the organ can function optimally. Our aim is to get all of the internal organs to come to as near balance as possible."

"The joy of this medicine is that it is a preventative system of medicine. If you went to a doctor at the change of every season and he was able to make a diagnosis as soon as he felt that some part of one of the organs was slightly imbalanced, he would correct the imbalance, thus preventing disease."

"The beauty of this system is that we can pick up the distress signals as Nature tells us. Nature tells us not once, but about five different ways, long before symptoms of an illness appear. The minute any organ starts to imbalance, our body sends out distress signals saying, 'Hey, get this seen to'."

With proper training, a practitioner of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture can detect the cause of the distress and help correct it before sickness takes hold.

Even if a person has become very sick, balancing the functioning of these organs, i.e., treating the cause of the illness, will help enable the person to become well again.

2004 J.B. Worsley and Worsley Inc.